Bridge Network Fall Leadership Training

Norfolk Area
Thursday, September 22, New Song Fellowship
865 Woodstock Road, Virginia Beach
Dinner: 6pm, $7; Sessions begin at 6:30pm

Topics: (Choose one)

An overview of ACS

Dealing with Legal Issues in the Local Church:
Understanding Bylaws and the Incorporation process

Experiential Team Building:
Learn effective team leadership through fun team building exercises

Giving and Tithing:
Simple strategies that increase giving and tithing in the local church

Homeless Panel:
How your church can make a difference through a homeless

Media/New Technological Resources:
How to capitalize on new technology for effective ministry

Men's Ministry Panel:
Learn how to effectively reach men and how your church can implement an effective men's ministry

Military Ministry:
Hear from local experts how to develop an effective ministry to the military

Understanding who they are and how to reach them for Christ

Multi-Cultural Congregations:
Learn how to create an openness to a multi-cultural congregation

Navigating the Rapids:
Finding God's wisdom in today's rapidly changing culture

Restorative Church Discipline:
How to follow a Biblical Model for restorative discipline

Security in the Church:
How to implement safety strategies that welcome guests

Sharing Christ with Children:
Effective, age-appropriate ways to tell children about Jesus

Sharing Christ with Students:
Effective, age-appropriate ways to tell youth about Jesus

How to effectively minister to the veterans in our area

Women's Ministry:
Learn how to start and grow an effective women's ministry in your church

Dinner: 6pm, $7; Sessions begin at 6:30pm

Contact the BNoC office to reserve your class and dinner by calling 757-938-9793 or email [email protected]